Sunday, January 22, 2017

Emma - 11 Months

Weight: 17.5 pounds

Sleep: Still sleeping through the night. But it appears as though Emma has stopped all naps.  How do my children sleep so little?

Eating: Doing fine on dairy formula (unless her unrelenting cold is actually the dairy). Not a huge fan of solids, but I think Olivia was the same way. LOVES broccoli. Its probably her favorite food. When she doesn't want to eat something, she makes sure to pick up each teeny piece, ever so slowly, in between her thumb and forefinger and fiercely chucks it across the room. 

Milestones: She has taken her first steps! I cant believe it. My baby seems like such a toddler. Took Olivia 3 months to go from first steps to walking, and I have a feeling Emma is on the same trajectory. 

Clothes / Diapers: 12 month clothes and size 4/5 diapers. Emma is a chunk now. A very short chunk. Her waist is bigger than Os. Love the chunk. 

Best Moment of the Month: This month was filled with lots of sweet moments. Her first Christmas. Olivia's first Christmas with a sister: "Emma yook! Santa brought you this!" Olivia giving Emma her nightly bottle and kissing her face the entire time. Emma having the biggest smile as she can play with the big kids with her walker. Emma's smile when she gets to play on the trampoline (Olivia is gentle, but Emma is too little to play when Olivia's friends are jumping on it). Such sweetness!

Parent of the Month: I think I'm going to give this one to Dan for purchasing his dream car: a swagger wagon. He said we NEEDED it. I mean, we did rent a mini van while on road trips since the dog couldn't fit between the two car seats. But we didn't need it. It's 100% his car. He texted me the other day "Figures all the moms at daycare wanted to check out my car." Yep, Dan, you're such a cool mom. ;)

Favorites: Emma loves her walker - she can play outside with the big kids while they are on their bikes. The girls still love their play kitchen and play in it every day. Emma likes to cook us food, try to flip pancakes with the spatula, and takes bites of Olivia's pretend food. But we've pretty much put all of the baby things away. Bottles will go here in the next few weeks - as she drinks out of sippy cups. Can't believe my baby is so close to 1. 


  1. I'd like to begin my commenting with pointing out how exceptionally well Em pulls off pink; sometimes questionable for gingers but she nails it ;) Seriously the pink overalls and mocks- I die. Tell is also not a napper, like 3 15 minute naps per day, at best. I do not understand this. Don't babies NEED sleep?! I can't believe we're done with formula in bottles so soon. This is just nuts. Where have our BABIES gone?!

  2. oh and I forgot- I'd like to now call him Mini Van Dan. Is that acceptable?

  3. Mini Van Dan = hilarious! Congrats on the new family ride :) Emma is so pretty! Love her in pink and she's quite the fashion forward gal. Sorry about the no napping. Fletcher is a sketchy napper, but usually manages once a day. That's funny that E loves broccoli - just wait until she discovers cake pops :) It sounds like she really hit the jackpot in the big sister department!

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