Sunday, May 18, 2014

Olivia - Seven Months

I know I say this every time, but time is flying. I can't get used to seven months. I even saved the picture as "six months." She's so big. I want her to stay this size forever. No more growing up, Olivia, okay?

Weight: 16 pounds (35%)
Height: 27 inches (70%)

Sleep: Sleeping well. Sleeps 8-4, eats, sleeps 4-7/8. Naps after daycare from 2-5. On the weekends, all bets are off. But not having her on a weekend schedule is nice - then we can do whatever with friends and not have to worry about nap time.

Eating: She has now had (in no particular order): peas :) green beans, carrots, sweet potato, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, cucumber, tomato, squash, apple, pears, orange, pineapple, watermelon, banana, spinach, avocado, pork, salmon, yogurt, cheese and eggs. ..I think I'm remembering it all. Quite an eventful first month of food. She really doesn't like to eat. She thinks it takes away from play time. She sure doesn't get that from me - blame Dan for that one!

Milestones: She started sitting all by herself a few weeks ago. It makes it more fun for pictures. I set her down and she can sit and play with toys. She also army crawls. Between than at rolling anywhere she wants to go - she's quite mobile. We have had to move things from the bottom shelves for awhile now. She will roll to drawers and open the bottom ones. And we started changing her on the floor (I now realize why people don't have changing tables) - she would need to be strapped down or she'd fling herself right off. 

Clothes / Diapers: 3-6 and 6-9 clothes. Size 3 diapers at night and 2 during the day. Speaking of clothes, she has so many cute summer rompers, but daycare is so cold that she has to be in long sleeves, long pants, and her feet covered. It's hard finding long sleeved onesies right now. 

Best Moment of the Month: Definitely her learning to sit. Not only could she not sit, but she wouldn't even try. We thought she might never learn. That morning Dan tried to set her down and she just kept falling over. That evening we set her down and she just stayed. She sat and played with her toys like she had been sitting forever. There was no phase of sitting for a little bit and falling over. She wanted to make sure she didn't sit until she was perfect at it. She also didn't seem surprised. Like, 'oh this sitting thing? oh, why didn't you say so? I've been doing this for years.'

Parent of the Month Award: This one goes to Dan. In case Olivia has an accident at daycare we have to have two changes of clothes in her drawer. I picked her up one day not recognizing her outfit. "Who's clothes are you wearing?" I said. "Ohhhhhh.." Dan had forgotten twice to bring more clothes, so Olivia was sent home wearing another child's clothes. I sent Dan a picture of Olivia and he replied. "What? You didn't like the outfit I had her in?" but what do you think about this one..(surely he'll catch on). "It's cute." IT'S NOT HERS! "Oops."

Favorites: CELL PHONES. Dan got a new phone that is waterproof (aka drool proof) and she just loves it so much. We gave her an old keyboard that she likes to type on. She still loves the mail. She opens the mailbox, and takes all the mail out, and cries when you take it from her. Electrical cords are her jam. She will army crawl across the room to get to some cords. Bonus points if they are still plugged in. She loves fistfuls of Koda fur, mostly just when attached to the dog. ....basically anything that is not a toy. 

And now, on to more pictures.

I knew that this photo shoot wasn't going to go well when this was the first picture I took:

After getting one of her looking at the camera that is only slightly blurry (the one at the top), we brought out the big guns.


And managed to get a few cute pictures of our big girl.

And her dog.

These eyes.

Hi dad.

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