Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our Weekend Outside Part 1

We spent the weekend outside, and in our sweats. With so many pictures, I kind of wish we all had cuter outfits on, but oh well. I told Dan, we are striving for mediocre in all aspects of our life. So cute pictures while wearing pajamas? 100% mediocre. Proud.

So much drool:


She says, my future's so bright mommas so white I gotta wear shades.

I have no clue why I think these are so funny.

Love them.


  1. Adorable! Her head looks strong! Adalyn is not quite there yet. She sleeps too much so doesn't get much tummy time to practice holding her head without support.

    1. We never had a problem with Olivia sleeping too much! :) But she isn't any further ahead than her friends who didn't do much tummy time. It seemed to happen almost overnight.