Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Escape Artist

I keep telling myself I am going to post more things that aren't baby related. Try and convince the world that we do have a life outside of Olivia. Then the time slips away from me, and the camera doesn't get brought. Alas, we are left with millions of Olivia posts. Such is life.

Our little nugget is only four months old and boy is she determined. I can't decide if she has the worst or best of Dan and myself. She has my stubbornness. She will see kids doing something at daycare and just sit there watching. Then, she will come home and spend all evening practicing. I learned to tie my shoes while I was supposed to be napping and tried to convince my mom that I could swim - all at two years old. She also has Dan's escape artist tendencies. He was climbing out of his crib at 9 months old. And he was climbing into the car and putting the keys in the ignition at 12 months. We are IN.FOR.IT.

At four months old she cannot crawl. She has no arm strength. Yet she tries to inchworm - sticking her butt up in the air and shimmying her face across the ground. Then, she lifts her head up really high, smiling as she checks her progress. A centimeter. I. Am. Awesome.

If she isn't trying to crawl. She wants to stand. With no balance, you have to hold her. She's fine with that. Your arms get tired. If you sit down, she arches her back to squirm away. If you try to set her down somewhere, she is determined to get where she wants to go. Where is that? We have no clue. 

That bouncy seat that is supposed to hold a baby twice her size?

Or the bumbo that we are just now getting use out of because she can barely sit up?

She'll only stay in it if we can distract her with her feet:

She keeps us on our toes thats for sure!

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