Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kylie's Bachelorette

My parents were gracious enough to let 8 girls invade their condo in Destin, Florida last weekend. They have a wonderful 3 bed room, full kitchen, ocean view, bay view, sleeps 12 condo. Here's the link to the condo with pictures, if you want to feel like you were there with us. Or if you are looking for a vacation rental. Shameless plug. 

We didn't end up with the best weather (which we knew northern Florida isn't the place to go in March) - but we did have a wonderful time. 

Only one small issue: the lock stopped working, and we couldn't get into the condo around 10 pm on Thursday. After 13 keys were made and tried, and one IT professional on the case (that's me..obviously) it was determined that the keys were not the problem, and it was indeed the lock. (Shockingly, key number 12 did not get us to that conclusion..).We got to meet all of the security guards, the front desk people, and one locksmith. We got to hear the crazy spring break stories of the past week, and talk to some super nice 24 hour line individuals from ResortQuest, and we were all set for the weekend. 

On Friday we attempted to venture to the hot tub, but apparently were not the only ones with that idea. So we grabbed the packed cooler, set it up in the middle of the condo and pretended we were out on the beach. We went to Pompano Joe's for dinner, where the bartender made Kylie a margarita in her bride cup (he even salted the rim!). 

This is the only group shot I have of the entire weekend. Apparently our waiter had some issues with the autofocus. 

The next morning we went to the Whale's Tail for breakfast on the beach. Although it was a little windy and chilly - so we settled for the breakfast with a view of the beach. 

We did some outlet mall shopping during the day. Then stayed in the condo that night to play games, eat dinner, eat cake, and finish up the beer in the cooler. 

(Obviously I am leaving out the incriminating stories. What kind of friend would I be if I told the internet everything?)

Sunday was the most beautiful day. Everyone had to leave early except for Tricia, Grace and myself. So we went out by the pool to get a little sun. It was only around 63 degrees, so we didn't think to put on sunscreen - and no one really wanted to have to shower again before flying. 

Note to self - don't lay out in capris. My reverse sock tan has made it impossible to wear dresses or skirts to work this week. 

This is a horrible picture, but its too funny not to share. Here's to hoping that this goes away soon!

I can't wait until we all get together again in May to celebrate Kylie and Justin!


  1. I could do a mom lecture but I won't. Hope you wear sunscreen THIS weekend!

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