Thursday, December 20, 2012

Two Work Stories


I had an 8 am meeting with the team, walked in about 5 til, saw them walking to the meeting room, and knew I would be just a minute or two behind them. When I got to the room – the team wasn’t there. I thought I was in the wrong room or wrong building – so I texted my boss to ask about the room number. A few minutes later they walked in – they had gone to get coffee.

About an hour into the meeting (it was a long one), we are watching a presentation when my boss’s phone rings. He checks his phone, looks incredibly confused, turns to me, and looks at me like I have lost my mind.

Boss: reading “‘Where are we?’ … Kelley … you are at work.”

Apparently I was not very descriptive in my text. I could have said ‘hey what room is our 8 am meeting in?’ Then when he received the text an hour later, he wouldn’t think I was crazy. Instead, he thinks I texted him, while in the meeting, asking, “Where are we?”


Background: most people at work have iPhones that they use to check email, instant message, etc. while they are not at their desks.

We were in a meeting headed up by our VP – with about 50 people in the room. It was a pretty important meeting, with a lot of information at once, so everyone is paying attention / not on their phones or laptops / etc. Our VP finishes with “Anyone have any questions?”

From the front row, Siri asks “What is your father’s name?”

The phone was sitting on the table – I have absolutely no idea what made Siri decide to speak. It got the entire room laughing as our VP replies, “Earl, Siri. My father’s name is Earl. Any other questions?”

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