Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday gift guide

I see a lot of bloggers doing holiday gift guides of the trendiest, best presents, and I thought I would do one myself. 

This holiday gift guide comes courtesy of ThisIsWhyImBroke.Com– a website that Dan showed me. (In case you are confused, it does not link to – but that seriously is why I am broke).

I don’t know if I can even begin to summarize what this website is. So let’s just begin, shall we?
First of all – remember this post? You too can give one to a friend for only 6 figures! Hopefully after a gift like that, they will let you borrow their boat.

For the photographer friend. I got you this for Christmas, mom. Sorry to ruin the surprise.

This is a gift to yourself. If you would like to freak someone out -- put this in a friend's bed while they are sleeping. It's one quarter of a man, with creepy cloth puppet fingers. 

Seriously, this terrifies me. But seeing your friend's reaction when they wake up? Merry Christmas to you!

This gift idea is for me. I would like red. In my stocking. K thanks.

This gift is for the hard-to-buy-for on your list. Who doesn't want glow in the dark toilet paper? "Functional and Fun" ... I'm sorry ... I can't ... you'll just have to read the rest of the description yourself.

This is by far my favorite. It is available on Amazon. If you usually check reviews before you purchase, let me summarize:

One lady gives it five stars and said it was, "more fun than a barrel of monkeys," her kids love it, and it holds up to 440 lbs .... (I would like to know who put a 440 lb kid in this thing).

Another person gave it 2 stars because it was missing instructions. He did casually mention that “when someone unzipped the ball, the air all rushed out at once and the person inside was enveloped and smashed by the deflating plastic. While getting out, it was difficult to keep the ball from being swamped with water and sinking with the person still inside…. Also, there’s only about 5 to 7 minutes worth of oxygen when you’re in the ball.” Small details. In summary, he writes that it was a lot of fun – he just gave it two stars because he wished it came with instructions. 

And lastly, another five star review: 


I hope your friends and family enjoy all of your presents. Merry Christmas yall!

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  1. Well, that was a 45 minute bunny trail through that website! Lots of good stuff there, and a few I've seen in the Sky Mall magazine! Funny!