Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Garage-saleing ... yes I made up a verb.

I love garage-saleing. My mother says it’s because I am cheap. (Thanks, mom). I like to think of it as a hobby.

Between getting up early, digging for those finds, and a wad of cash in your cut-off jean-short’s pocket. (Okay, so maybe I just garage sale because it is a socially acceptable venue to rock jorts). To that wonderful moment where, indeed, yes, that piece of furniture that you don’t need WILL fit in your (very) compact SUV.

I leave Dan and Koda to sleep in and head out pre-7am. Every garage-saler knows that people will line up at 645, even if the sale starts at 8. Then, since we live in an area with a lot of neighborhoods, I drive around following the garage sale signs. (I also eavesdrop on other people’s conversations about great sales that day). Tip # 2. You’re welcome.

I am sure you can find a much better system. One where you research the sales and map out your route .. but I never had much luck looking online. Plus, I would rather be impulsive.

Anyway, I wanted to show yall my scores garage-saleing last weekend! I spent a grand total of $29, and scored some wonderful finds … if I do say so myself. First, I wanted coasters to use in our dining room. Since our chargers and candle sticks are silver-plated, silver was my first choice. But really, I mostly wanted something to protect our table. I found this set of silver plated coasters for only $1!

And they polish up nicely! (Disclaimer: I have a much nicer camera than my phone camera, and I promise I am going to use it more, and take much better pictures. Hang with me. Hold me to it.)

Secondly, I got this wonderful little vase for 50 cents! I wanted some smaller vases to hold a few small clippings—like these wonderful smelling gardenias. So this one was a necessity!

Next, I got these chairs that I completely do not need love. I just fell for them. They are currently on our porch. I love the shape. I love the color. I got all four for $15. Heck, worst case, I can sell them in our own garage sale.

Next, I got this huge score. For Dan’s birthday, I surprised him with a mini-re-do of his ‘mancave.’ More on this later! But we had no form of seating up there, it is a very small room, and I really didn’t want to spend a couple hundred dollars on a sofa. Behold. $10.

No I am not lying. $10. TEN. Plus, it didn’t fit in my car, so the guy gave us the keys to his truck to get it home. Talk about trusting! I guess a girl in jorts looks pretty harmless. I asked if he wanted my keys for collateral. He said, “Nope, I just want to get my sunglasses out.” I wish I had a picture of us driving this man’s truck, with our sofa in the back.

If you are doing the math, I have $2.50 left to account for.

The timer was $1. We always need these around Christmas, and they cost around $15! Another vase for $1 – love the fact that it is metal. And then, the-never-before-been-opened, still-has-the-$30-price-tag, coffee grinder. For you skeptics, I have tested it, and yes, it works. We’ve never bought a coffee grinder because it wasn’t worth the extra money. For the price of 2 gumballs, you can’t say no! Maybe it’s just me that can’t say no. I couldn’t say no!

So there you have it. A wonderful use of $29 (in my mind!) and a wonderful use of the pre-9am hour.

Stay tuned for the ‘mancave’ re-do. As well as my how-to on ‘dislodging a stuck $10 sofa from your staircase without ruining your marriage.’

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