Sunday, November 13, 2016

Halloween 2016

We had a lot of fun this Halloween. Its my favorite holiday: costumes + candy.

We carved a pumpkin and roasted the seeds. I told her when it was dark we were going to put a candle in it. Once it started to get dark Olivia said "mom, can we light the happy birthday pumpkin now?" I realized her birthday was the only time she's done much with candles. 

Olivia wore her Sofia the First costume for both of her classroom parties and her Halloween playdate - and Dan and I have 0 pictures! She told me that one of her friends was dressed as "dark vapor" and she didn't know what anyone else was. 

On Halloween she wore her Anna dress for trick or treating.

Emma wore quite a few festive outfits.

And was all set to go with her super warm flamingo outfit! I'm always so cold on Halloween, that I was pumped about this puffy costume. Turns out, it was 83 and she would have been sweating to death. Dan changed her into a packers jersey, and we also got 0 pictures.

For trick or treating, we started at the neighbor who was giving out beer for adults. Obviously. And then made our way around about 10 houses. Emma crapped out and went to bed. Olivia decided that she had enough candy and wanted to sit in the driveway and eat it, rather than get more. Pretty successful night if you ask me.

For our neighbors Halloween part, inspired by Emma, I was a Flamingo. Inspired by some article Dan read that morning, he decided to be Donald Trump. We were late because his makeup took too long.

We had such a fun Halloween. And have vowed to not buy any more candy for the rest of the year. 


  1. Fun times!! Loved everyone's costumes. Those flamingos are so cute. Dark vapor... hahaha. Emma looked so cute in all of her Halloween gear and Olivia is smart to take a seat and eat up all that candy. I had to hide ours because Olive was asking for candy 24/7.

  2. Love Love Love the flamingo costumes! And Olivia is just getting cuter!

  3. Emma's flamingo costume is so, so cute- and yours too! Crafty mama! Dan is a disturbingly good Trump look alike all made up bahahaha